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Metropolis (1927) Movie Poster.  An Authentic PosterOffice Print with Holographic Sequential Numbering.


"Metropolis," directed by Fritz Lang, is a groundbreaking silent science fiction film that serves as a timeless masterpiece of cinematic storytelling. Set in a dystopian city divided between the wealthy elite and oppressed workers, the narrative revolves around the son of the city's ruler and a rebellious worker girl who becomes a symbol of hope for the oppressed. Through its stunning visuals, intricate set designs, and innovative special effects, "Metropolis" explores themes of social inequality, industrialization, and the search for humanity amidst the dehumanizing forces of technology. With its epic scope, thought-provoking commentary, and enduring influence on the science fiction genre, "Metropolis" remains a seminal work that continues to captivate audiences nearly a century after its release.


Can be ordered in a 24"x36" or 11"x17" size from the pulldown menu.


Your poster is produced using the best quality OEM archival inks which are guaranteed to last 200 years. This is a giclée print which is the standard for museums and art galleries the world over. With our highest quality PosterOffice® branded poster papers. Made in and shipped from the USA.

Metropolis (1927) - Movie Poster - Remastered

  • Metropolis Movie Poster

    • Size: Available in 11x17" and 24x36"
    • Carefully wrapped in protective slip, shipped in a thick mailing tube.
    • Perfect gift for any fan of the movie. 
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

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