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We purchased these posters from Chinese sellers on Amazon who attach themselves to our listings claiming to sell products manufactured by PosterOffice®.  They DO NOT and are violating our trademarks.

We are Brand registered on Amazon.  Our company has 2 registered trademarks on the PosterOffice® name.  We are in Amazon's Transparency program.  But this doesn't seem to change anything.  We are working with Amazon to remedy this problem.  But there are still Chinese sellers on Amazon infringing on our trademarks offering fake versions of our products.  These Chinese sellers also do not honor the express warranty of our products.  So please be careful when purchasing on Amazon.

Part 2 - Comparing Products

So we advise all customers who buy anything on to check your "BuyBox" to make sure that it says, "Shipped and Sold" by the actual seller of the item you wish to buy.  Otherwise there is a good chance you will receive a counterfeit product manufactured in China.

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