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In a playful homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat's distinctive aesthetic, a pop art portrayal of a dachshund dog comes to life. Bold swaths of orange colors and bold black lines form the dachshund's elongated form, capturing Basquiat's raw and primal energy. Amidst the chaos of abstract shapes and scribbled text, the dachshund's endearing expression shines through, embodying Basquiat's ability to infuse even the most complex compositions with a touch of irreverent charm.

The "Dachshund Wiener Dog" art print is available in a range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any space.

Your print comes unframed. It will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days via First Class Mail or Priority Mail depending on the size of the print.

Dachshund Wiener Dog Jean Michel Basquiat - Inspired Pop Art Print

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